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My name is Sean Childers, I'm a 17 year old Graphic Designer, Video Producer, Photographer, and Sports Enthusiast from Gainesville, Florida.

I began editing pictures in 6th grade, making NBA graphics on my smartphone and posting them to instagram. Eventually, I made the switch to Photoshop and since then have been acquiring knowledge through my own ambition and experience. Through the beginning of High School, I would continue to make graphics of famous athletes and pop culture icons as a hobby. Recently, my hobby has become more of a profession, as local businesses and sports teams have began to take notice and enlist my business to brand them. These experiences have helped me learn a great deal, especially in the area of pre-production and the logistics of scheduling and meeting deadlines.


I have recently taken a big interest in film production and video editing. When I was 9 I began making home videos and editing them in iMovie. I put that on hold when my focus shifted to graphic design, but now am exploring several branches filmmaking, diving in to all areas from cinematography to sound design.

In spring 2018, I began another instagram account in an effort to show my work with friends and family, and have since worked with the likes of upcoming Florida Gator star Tre Mann on several accounts, as well as top football prospect Anthony Richardson.

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